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Yūko Emoto and Makoto Kobayashi Kick Off New Ch in Joshi Judo Bu Monogatari Manga

Yūko Emoto and Makoto Kobayashi have unveiled a fresh story arc for their manga “Joshi Judo Bu Monogatari,” titled “Joshi Judo Bu Monogatari: Working Adult Arc,” now available on Kodansha’s Comic Days platform.

This latest narrative installment follows protagonist Emo Kagura’s quest for Olympic gold, navigating the world as a working professional.

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The manga “Joshi Judo Bu Monogatari” was originally introduced in Kodansha’s Evening magazine back in 2016. Remarkably, Emoto, a real-life Olympic gold medalist in Judo, is the creative mind behind the story, while Kobayashi contributes the artwork.

Joshi Judo Bu Monogatari Manga

The series transitioned to the Comic Days app and website on April 30. Notably, the “High School Judo Arc” concluded with the release of its 15th compiled volume in Japan on August 23.

Kobayashi’s original work, the 11-volume “Judo Bu Monogatari” manga, spanned from 1985 to 1991 and even inspired a two-episode OVA in 1991.

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Dark Horse Comics also released a portion of Kobayashi’s “What’s Michael?” manga in English, with the source material serving as the inspiration for two OVA series and a TV anime adaptation.


Source | Comic Days

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