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Yuno is Spade Kingdom Prince | Black Clover

(Last Updated On: August 21, 2020)

So in the latest chapter of Black Clover Manga we came to know that Yuno is the Prince of the Shade Kingdom. Yes the truth has been revealed, from the starting of the black clover anime we are wondering about the origin of Asta and Yuno. And it finally here.

Glynballiol Price

As we saw in the previous Black Clover Manga chapters also that a man came to Asta’s village and was lying outside the church. As sister Lilly gives that message to Yuno and he comes to see him.

The person tells that Spade kingdom was used to be ruled by the Glynballiol family. After that the dark Triad took control. And Yuno is the price of the Glynballiol family.

How Asta and Yuno are Linked?

As we know that when they both were found after the church many years ago, they were wearing same clothes and their names were written on the cloths before hand.

It came be possible that the person who left them there wanted them to protect from the powers of devil. So he/she left them in a small and unknown village as they can’t be found.

Asta is Yuno’s Guard

It’s also a possibility that Asta’s parents were the one protecting the Glynballiol family of the spade kingdom. They some how sacrificed the magic of their son Asta to Protect Yuno, resulting him to have no mana at all. And Asta is supposed to be the one protecting the Price, resulting them to become deep friends and rivals.

In this arc of Black Clover we will get to know what exactly is the origin of Asta and yuno, and they both are connected to the spade kingdom. This arc will definitely tell us more about the history of Devil in the Black Clover kingdom and Why Asta no mana?

Check this video from ABD for more clarity.

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