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Zee Café Unveils Anime Fan Fest in Mumbai, Launches Exclusive Anime Convention

In a groundbreaking move, Zee Café, the Indian television channel known for its adult-oriented anime content, is set to host its inaugural anime convention – the Zee Café Anime Fan Fest. Taking place on October 21 and 22, the event will unfold at the vibrant Dublin Square in Phoenix Marketcity, Kurla, Mumbai. This convention marks a significant milestone in the channel’s efforts to bring together anime enthusiasts from all corners of the nation, fostering a collective celebration of their shared passion.

Anchoring the festivities will be the Daisuki Cosplay Band, India’s pioneering cosplay musical ensemble, promising electrifying live performances. RJ Mihir Joshi is slated to preside over the event, adding an extra layer of excitement. Attendees can look forward to encounters with other dedicated cosplayers, as well as the opportunity to engage with talented tattoo artists. Moreover, stalls brimming with a diverse array of anime merchandise will cater to avid collectors.

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For those seeking to enhance their anime-inspired creative skills, the convention offers a captivating anime-art making masterclass and engaging workshops. Culinary offerings will not disappoint either, with a delectable spread of Japanese cuisine and an assortment of food and beverages to satiate all tastes.

A particularly enticing aspect of this event is its accessibility, with entry to the Zee Café Anime Fan Fest being entirely free. This inclusivity underscores the channel’s commitment to ensuring that the convention is an inclusive space for fans of all walks of life. Those attending are encouraged to share their cosplay photos and event highlights with IGN India, creating an even more vibrant tapestry of memories from this momentous gathering.

In summary, the Zee Café Anime Fan Fest is poised to be a landmark event, uniting anime aficionados in a grand celebration of their shared love for this dynamic art form. With a diverse lineup of attractions and an emphasis on accessibility, this convention promises to be an unforgettable experience for attendees.


Source: IGN India

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