Zenryoku Usagi’s Fresh Anime Season Debuts Oct 7th

The official website for the “Reiwa-era” anime adaptation of Kei Ikeda’s Zenryoku Usagi manga has unveiled its premiere date. The series is set to debut on TV Saitama on October 7 at 5:55 p.m. JST, followed by broadcasts on TV Kanagawa and Chiba TV.

Additionally, fans can catch the anime on DMM TV and d Anime Store starting from October 8.

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As previously announced, the helm of this new anime project rests in the capable hands of director Atsushi Nigorikawa, with Misa Morie taking charge of the scriptwriting duties.

Zenryoku Usagi's Fresh Anime

Miki Urashima, meanwhile, is responsible for the character designs. Overseeing production are Shinya Satō (PICKUP) and Hiroshi Ukai (Bros. Bird).

The gag comedy at the heart of this series revolves around diligent construction workers, albeit in the form of energetic rabbits. Their guiding principles are as straightforward as they come: “Put your all into everything you do” and “Live life to the fullest.”

Initially, Kei Ikeda introduced the manga to the online world, and later Media Factory (now Kadokawa) compiled it into four volumes, along with two side-story volumes.

This isn’t the first time the manga has been adapted, as it previously spawned a collection of 52 shorts that aired in Japan as part of the Chibi Ani Gekijō (Tiny Anime Theater) program back in 2008, during Japan’s Heisei era.

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Ikeda and Media Factory have also crafted various spinoff merchandise featuring the beloved characters.


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