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Zombie Land Saga Stars in Upcoming Zom 100 Episode

(Last Updated On: August 26, 2023)

In the world of anime, where zombies typically play the role of menacing antagonists, “Zom 100: Bucket List of the Dead” has emerged as a refreshing twist on the undead apocalypse narrative. This series, which began airing on July 9, 2023, has garnered attention for its innovative take on the zombie genre, but it’s about to become even more captivating.

Exciting news has surfaced for fans as the creators of “Zom 100” have unveiled an unexpected crossover with another beloved zombie-themed anime, “Zombie Land Saga,” in its upcoming sixth episode.

Zombie Land Saga Stars in Upcoming Zom 100 Episode

As per a recent announcement from the official Zom 100 Twitter account, the upcoming episode, set to premiere on August 27, 2023, will introduce six members of the idol group Franchouchou from “Zombie Land Saga.” However, there’s a tantalizing mystery for fans to unravel – as the original idol group in “Zombieland Saga” boasts seven members, the identity of the missing member set to make the cameo appearance remains undisclosed, adding an element of suspense for viewers.

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Both “Zom 100” and “Zombie Land Saga” share the common theme of zombies but explore it in distinct and captivating ways. While “Zom 100” immerses us in Akira’s adventurous journey to complete his bucket list in a post-apocalyptic world, “Zombie Land Saga” centers around a group of zombie idols striving to save Saga Prefecture through their unique performances.

It’s worth noting that the delay of “Zom 100” episode 6 was unrelated to the crossover and was due to the 2023 World Athletics Championships. Fans worldwide can now mark their calendars for August 27, 2023, when this highly anticipated crossover episode will finally grace our screens.

For those unacquainted with “Zom 100,” the series is an adaptation of a manga by Haro Aso, featuring illustrations by Kotaro Takata. Since its serialization debut on October 19, 2018, it has grown into 14 tankobon volumes as of June 2023, captivating audiences with its unique take on the zombie apocalypse trope.


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